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BEACH DAYS:  During July and August we encourage everyone to load up their beach supplies before coming to church and join us afterwards at Zuma Beach (volleyball nets at tower 13) for a relaxing afternoon of sun, surf & volleyball.  All ages are welcome!

BIBLE STUDIES:  “Half Time” is what we call our Wednesday bible study groups.  Just as athletes take the opportunity to re-group and recharge halfway through games we do the same spiritually.  It is a great time connect as we discussing various Biblical topics and pray for any needs within the group each week.

CATCH A WAVE:  Every school year we have families that provide an opportunity for Pepperdine students to “come up for air” and enjoy a home away from home.  Hosting involves opening your home for a couple hours to a handful of students every six weeks during the school year.  Let us know if you would like to participate.

COLLEGE STUDENTS:  College years are very formative to the lives of the future leaders of our country, and our desire is to provide a stable family environment for students that will not only support their academic endeavors but also inspire spiritual development.   Aside from our ongoing church activities we also provide other ways for college students to get in the mix.  Click here for more info.

FAMILY FUN DAYS:  Throughout the year we schedule outings for our families with children such as visiting the zoo and enjoying a local park just to name a couple.   Anything planned can be found on our events page.

HOUSE PARTIES:  Every quarter we gather at someone’s house for an evening of food, fun & just hanging out.

LIKE-TO-DO GROUPS: We each have extra curricular activities we enjoy, and it is always fun to have a few more people in the mix so during the summer months we invite you and anyone interested to have some fun with our “like-to-do-groups.”   Whether it’s surfing, hiking, ping pong, basketball or cooking there are numerous options to choose from.

MEN’S & WOMEN’S EVENTS:  It is important to grow in our relationships with each other so we make it a point to provide fun events for both men and women outside of Sunday worship.  This is also a really good opportunity to bring friends who might not otherwise stop by on Sundays.  Our events are ongoing so check our calendar page for the latest.

ANYTHING ELSE?   Always…so check back from time to time.

To request additional information on any of the above click HERE.

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